Friday, October 2, 2009

Bobby Gr8 Kurien

Me, coming from a protected enviornment in a remote village where every body knew everybody was not quite prepared for the virtual reality called law college. By "virtual reality'' i mean every thing was really happening, but i couldnt understand or believe most of them. See i am not trying to portray our college as some thing out of the world, but only trying to convey the initial sense of bewildrement in some one like me. I just couldnt identify with most of my class mates who carried an attitude and spoke a language quite foreign to me. Most of them were tough talking, physicaly intimidating and agressive beings, who could destroy a fellow bieng with in minutes with such sharp sarcasam and taunts. And the introvert in me always wanted to flee from their presence. As a result what happened was that most of the days in the morning i will get out of the lodge with the intention of coming to the college but will end up in on of the cinema theatres that dotted the city. There were days when i saw 3 films in a single day.
But after initial 1 1/2 years everything changed. Many factors contributed to this, but two of them really helped. One was my entry into the hostel and the other was my friendship with the creatures(sorry i shouldnt call them creatures, they were such a help). And the law college suddenly looked like a dream come true.

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