Friday, October 2, 2009


I am remembering one more episode of our beloved peppy..peepy who was a late comer to our team was eager to have a love life from the very beginning and he on the first day of one our female friends who was the last to join our class in first five, I am not ready to mention her name here...
( she met with an accident near clock tower Kollam and you may be remembering how she was traped under a we morn her pathetic sitaution in a meeting in our hostel...and at last some how one of us telephoned to visitation and found that the person in news was not our friend..and later on how it became a roaring wit which we enjoyed..inspite of the poor fate of that orginal girl..!!) Now most of u have got the name of the famale friend...Peppy who was watching the new comer beside me through the four windows of the class room suddenly roared...."Look she is in love with me...!" I wondered Hw? Peppy understood from my expression that I am very slow in following him...then he explained..." I looked through this window and she saw me...I then looked through the other side window then also she saw me...Immediately I went the other side and looked through the the next two windows..then also she saw me...friend she fell in love with me..." saying this he was really enjoying his own findings...and I was in a suffix...Mr minister ...then he was an M.P. delivered a memorable speech in Indian parliament about the debut of that girl who succumbed to death in lack of a recovery van and immediately got realeased Rs. 1 crore for purchasing a recovery van to Kollam District...Please..condone the poor language..

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