Wednesday, July 22, 2009


He could be a model in a detergent ad,
i mean in"Before Washing" shot.
His nails could kill a huge elephant,
it contained such poisonous dirt.
His _______ looked always starched,
only because it was never washed.
His room resembled an Aegean stable,
even the hercules could not clean it.
He was one of the kanchan duo
and his company was one eyed popoye
His eyes always had a glazed look
unless he was sleeping in drunken stupor.
He was the last word on film field,
his dream was to be our next spielberg.
He was also the ultimate friend,
some one to lean on in difficult times.
I considered him to be my best friend,
i doubt whether he thinks the same.
Man 'o' man how he has changed,
he has become a total family man.
He is now the ultimate clean guy,
i mean that in every sense.
But i like the old nishanth'
about this his wife may take offence.

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