Friday, October 2, 2009


i have a question to ask. who was the most popular guy in our class. My vote will go to shine. I don't think there is much competition for that spot. nishanth might come a distant second. but shine should win hands down. If any one you have any objection you could use this space to prove your point.
So the next question is what are those attributes which make a person popular among his peers.
We will take shine as a specimen for our research. In our class he was accepted by valippers, tholippers and kallipers. what was the reason for that acceptability. Every one has their own egos and to be accepted by them, you will have to satisfy their ego. Is it an easy, i would say. For you to satisfy other person's ego, it is necessary that you should not have any ego. To not have an ego is some thing which is not human, i will rather call it super human. So, was shine a superhuman. No i wont say that. I will rather call him a socialist. A socialist has got many wave lengths. He can relate to other people who have got different wave lengths. That is what separates him from people having single wave length.
Was shine a person having a spectrum of wave lengths. I think so. You might differ. If so please elaborate.
And shine please don't think that you are the ultimate human being. You have your own failings. About that i will elaborate later.

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