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politicians were the real superstars of our college. To say it more correctly anybody who wanted to be a star entered into active politics. i was somebody who never had any active political inclinations till i joined law college. and the law college turned out to be a whirlwind of political activities. The sfi bieng the most happening party in our law college, it was quite natural that most of my classmates floated in to that outfit. More than any political inclinations it was the comfort zone that sfi created prompted many to gravitate to that party. and ksu was a party which stayed behind in the shawdows and peered around with anxiety. i was never comfortable with any established setup and an incident i saw in my fist few days changed my polictical life in the college. One morning there was a student walking around the college shouting slogans and all others were going on with their business as if nothing had happened. First i thought 'poor guy ,a screw is loose in his head', but when i enquired some body said that vjd has called for a statewide strike and what i am seeing is the procession taken out by the law college unit of the vjd to enforce the strike. That second i knew that this is the man and this is the party for me. Sorry it was not any ideals which prompted my decision, but it was the admiration for the sheer guts of veppa sanal who could pull off such a stunt. So i joined and as the saying goes, rest is history.


Shine dear friend forgive me...but i can't resists from deposing this truth...u all amy be remembering the final years election...choken Vs Mamu...on the day of election ...early morning Mamu came to me and he begged to give him my vote but with a kona smile I rejected his plea and make it defenite that I will vote to Shine only because he is one of my best friends...Even now I remember the sad face of my innocent friend said, I exercised my franchise to great Chokan and anxiously waited for the result...tension rose to the heights when results one by one released and at last a flash news spread that choken is in tie with mamu....and the next step is a heart stopped for a moment...I called the entire gods any chance Choku lost the toss then it will be my last day in the campus..since mamu will defenitely clear me out from there..such a harrassment was give by me in the mornirng...any way toss was in favour of Choks...and he became the Chairperson....but to be fair I may say he may the last person to be selected as a Chairperson because he was an utter flop..and I even now regret with the wrong decision I took on that bad mornirng..But to my heart...even now Chokan is a friend in all sense who stand by the side of my thought and he will be....( Here one more thing to be remembered is my unfaithfulness towards that Valluvanadan friend ( Mamu ) who tried his maximum to make me the winner in my election with Hari on the fourth year..and how my friend Shine faught hard to defeat me in my debut) u see hw ungreatful man is...


Shammi, I took politics in its right sense during those days. To an extent I still do that. i never mixed POlitics with my personal relations. Thats healthy. When I contested I never asked for votes among my classmates. And ofcourse I felt when Nishanth told me that he wont vote for me and REynil, after election, disclosed that his franchise also was against me. Infact if Ajmal was not my rival i would not have even contested.
And u rightly said it; I know that i was a flop as a chairman and even as a leader of SFI. But u believe me; I never intended or tried for this. There were a lot of undercurrents which i realise now. During the final days I was fed up with everything. But all r memorable moments now.
Bobby, Still waiting, fingers crossed, for remaining part of ur story

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