Friday, October 2, 2009


when i think of our college days, usually i miss out on those guys, the same guys you also miss out, i mean the fringe guys in our class. Sorry it is not out of any disrespect i call them the fringe guys, but they were not actually in the mainstream, not in the college life back then nor in our thoughts now. For eg how many of you can actually remember say ashraf or fakrudheen sabu. They were also there in our class. what we used to call them.......ah yes the valippers. Most of us not only thrusted the sharp knife of humiliation deep into their guts, but also never let go an oppurtunity to squeeze the knife. See i am not saying that we were inhuman or something like that. it was quite natural for us then and still will be if we get another chance. There is a racist in every one of us, only the circumstances determine whether we are the perpetrator or the victim. Some body might say they found their mainstream in the fringes, but sorry friends it is not like that. Once upon a time i also lived in the fringes and it is not a happy life out there. So coming from personal experience my observations should carry some credibility.
please, i am not saying the most of us are racists or that aparthied was practiced in our class.
My god, when i started i thought i will say some thing light, but it came out all wrong.
what the hell, let it remain there. BOBBY


There was apartheid in our class, I should say. I had seen it, experienced it and it was really cruel. Many of our classmates faded away from the mainstream only because they hadn’t have the capacity to withstand the humiliating attack from the so called elite class. Take the case of me... Though I was not branded fully as a member of the fringe group our class lords never rated me fit for their group. I was more like what INL is for LDF...I know I was not a kind of person to be included in the elite group. What I am trying to say is that the prominent group in our class never did anything to bring the under rated segment to the mainstream which I think was their obligation.

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