Friday, October 2, 2009


I thought i will take on tarzan first. But the problem is that once the sparrow comes anywhere near the scene everyone else retreat into darkness. who is this sparrow, you know the sparrow. She was delicate, cute and lithe - the same characterstics of a sparrow. only thing was that she was not very chirpy. She was not the most beautiful creature on this earth, only because her beauty was heavenly. there was no better synonym for the word grace than her. Some mightl say that she was haughty, she carried an attitude, she was inaccessible but who cares. i will say that they all were wearing yellow tinted glasses. But they can argue that it is my vision which is clouded. Might be true, then also who cares. But the twist in the tale is that the sparrow was totally unaware that her greatest fan(that's me) even existed. I stand here with my head bowed to recieve the pity from all of you.

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