Wednesday, July 22, 2009


He could be a model in a detergent ad,
i mean in"Before Washing" shot.
His nails could kill a huge elephant,
it contained such poisonous dirt.
His _______ looked always starched,
only because it was never washed.
His room resembled an Aegean stable,
even the hercules could not clean it.
He was one of the kanchan duo
and his company was one eyed popoye
His eyes always had a glazed look
unless he was sleeping in drunken stupor.
He was the last word on film field,
his dream was to be our next spielberg.
He was also the ultimate friend,
some one to lean on in difficult times.
I considered him to be my best friend,
i doubt whether he thinks the same.
Man 'o' man how he has changed,
he has become a total family man.
He is now the ultimate clean guy,
i mean that in every sense.
But i like the old nishanth'
about this his wife may take offence.

Visitation Jungle


Once upon a time there was a village called Govt Law College Tvm wherein lived a mighty and powerful group (atleast that is what they considered themselves to be)of domesticated animals called royal 5. Bordering this village was an enchanted and forbidden forest called the visitation. Some wild creatures who lived in that jungle came into contact with those village animals. The village animals who were thirsty for any contact with the creatures were totally floored by them in a very short time. The creatures were of varied hue and features which added to thier charm. The imposing tusker was called shee-a (SHEEBA), the cunning fox sa-itha (SAJITHA), the graceful cheetah b-ni (BINI), the brainless rabbit car-el (CARMEL) and the silent gazelle v-ni (VANI). First the creatures feasted on the mighty and powerful of the village animals and they got bored very soon. Looking for variety they turned their blood thirsty eyes on the inferior group which included a tadpole and a mosquito. (tadpole some how wriggled out of their jaws but the mosquito was hooked for life). Although the village animals knew that they were being preyed upon and exploited by the wild creatures, they just couldn't get out of the enchanting web spun by the creatures. It was because there was another village animal who was hooked to the creatures and it was none other than Mr.Mouse, the don, the protector, the sarpanch of the whole village. He was called M-rali (MURALI) and he was feared by all village animals because of his fearsome whiskers (if you still haven't got him here is the clue - he is the slender version of Paravoor Bharathan and he is not bald).
The creatures continued unabated their ruthless reign under the patronage of the don. They sucked the life blood out of many of the hapless village animals and left their poor souls wandering in the wilderness. Many of them became regular visitors of the village taverns and spent their days in drunken haze. Few of the animals remained sane and they called a meeting to save the village. In the meeting they devised a plan and the plan revolved around the don. They knew that without the don the creatures were not as dangerous. Among the creatures the don was partial to the fox and the cheetah, but he always proclaimed it was brotherly love and the creatures, cunning as always trumpeted the same. The plan of the village committee was to put it in the mind of the don that it was much more than brotherly love and that cheetah was enamored by the don. The plan worked out and the don started spending sleepless nights. His fearsome whiskers started going longer and longer. In the end he couldn’t stand it any longer and he declared his eternal love to the cheetah. The creatures panicked and declared that he is their lovely brother. Now it was the turn of the don to visit the tavern. Anyhow it ended the reign of the creatures and the village was saved.
Within a short time a big storm came and the creatures and the village animals were scattered apart.
Last i heard, all creatures were domesticated and are quite docile now. The end



Shammi, he is a biological mystery in many ways. he is one animal who proved that Darwin’s theory of evolution is totally wrong. According to Darwin evolution is a slow process which takes centuries to show some discernible change. But our Shammi, he metamorphosed into a totally different being within a period of 5 years. Do anybody of you remember the original Shammi. That scrawny looking guy who marched around with blazing eyes spitting fire. Those slightly soiled dhothi, oversized kurta and that cloth bag hanging on him as if from a coat hanger. At first i thought he was a naxalite since i had not met anybody belonging to that species before. And what a change within a short time. He in equally horrible looking modern attire became the library man, not the reading one but the hanging around one with bismi evoking memories of laurel and hardy in you with poor niza fazil in tow. And when rumours started floating around that he is having a "line” with -------, i laughed it off finding it totally impossible. But our shorty like his more famous predecessor proved that nothing is impossible.

He was a man of two halves, the cheguevera first half and the sharuk khan 2nd half. In the end he got his kajol (remembering ------- it is literarily true).He was omnipresence in the hostel, always with a knowing smile, looking down on us little kids from his all knowing heights. Do you know he always slept with the light switched on, we can only sympathize with bismi now.

Do anybody know his true age, because back then he looked anywhere between 40 and 75.

Shammi, he had a beautiful voice, which gave us such wonderful moments. he had the humility to exercise his god given vocal cords, whenever we the lesser mortals demanded.

Therefore my friends let us raise a toast, for the health of our ageless

..................................the end......................................

i am sure shammi will not like this, but let us hope for the best.

From the master of words...Boby


Do anybody of you remember our dear ajmal. the childish grin showing the buck teeth and the pink gums. the slightly chink features and that eagle laugh. those shuffling walks across our hostel corridor carrying a red bucket on his way to the hell holes called the bathrooms.

How can you forget the mamu's chayakkada from which emanated non stop old hindi music scores. remember his out of the world ideas and his poor jokes. his inimitable dance steps(repeated stomping of his right foot on the ground, whatever the tune was) his hilarious attempt to court the junior girls, his malappuram slang, his kodungaloor songs. But i also remember a golden heart, his straight from the heart dialogues, his courage to hang on to his ksu moorings inspite of the pressure and taunts from his sfi friends. I also remember how i cried(really, i cried) when he lost to our undeserving moderator. when i think of him, i remember a great friend who was good to me.