Friday, October 2, 2009


we had this wonderful get together in a house boat at alappuzha after attending Augustine's father's funeral. The most interesting thing i saw was that my friends have not changed a bit inspite of the passing years. They continued to perform their roles they did in our college. Murali as usual was the joker in the pack with stiff competition from ajmal. See i am not degrading them by calling them jokers, what i wanted to convey is the positive effect they had on our party being the butt of most of the jokes. We can only make fun of a person who is humble enough not to be hurt by the joke. Murali especially doesn't have a cell of arrogance in his very old body. Coming back to the roles, shine as usual was the errand boy, Nizar the organiser, Anu the rolls royce with unni as the driver. Only Ninan over did his role, how he did it, i wont say. Peppy some how under performed being too dazed to crack his wits. I as usual was mostly the silent spectator afraid of the sharp retorts from others.
Anyway it was great great great fun. we should increase the frequency of this get togethers.

We, from Tvpm, strated off from here by noon in Anu's (Bobby, appostrophe is there) car and reached there just before the cremation. Finished one bottle in the car itself, Unni the driver was spared. After that there was a mixup in fixing the venue and we lost some precious moments, may be one hour or so. At last all settled on a house boat arranged by Anu ( Anu also was very happy on his suggestion being accepted for the first time). Finished three bottles in the night itself. In between Bobby advised Ninan to slow down on watching his drinking spree. But Ninan said 12 pegs is his limit. Fortunate that he went off before the start. Bobby, seems that by that time he had consumed atleast 6 pegs. He had compensated the absence of peg counters like Vetti, Nishanth etc. Next day by 6 o clock itself Bobby relieved to attend some family function. others finished the Scotch sponsored by Ajmal and by 9 o clock Ajmal and Ninan went back. We along with Nizar went to Kottayam Guset House to have another round.

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