Friday, October 2, 2009


I haven’t heard from arun for quite a long time. Not that it is a surprise. We were never very close during our college days. He was really the “blind man” not only for his thick lenses or the darkness that surrounded him but also when you think about his political life and love life in college.
For majority of our college years arun was not seen around our classes. This was because he was making himself available to the available politburo which hung around the canteen. And this politburo was always seen in deep discussion, murmuring in to each others ears, sitting in a close circle, sipping tea and smoking beedies. They rarely raised their gaze to look at the worthless creatures like us moving around them. They behaved as if this poor earth will be thrown of its orbit, even if they shifted their position a bit.
But our poor arun, one day he was thrown out of the orbit of the politburo. what caused that cosmic wonder, I don’t know, not that I want to know. Next day itself arun landed with a thud among us and was into our ways very soon. Then came his journey into his love orbit. He was mercilessly thrown out of that orbit also is another story.

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