Friday, October 2, 2009


Since it is hari’s day out, I will also join the party. Actually hari is not the main character in this story. It is Latheesh and Augustine. Most of you know the story, but I will reproduce it here, because thinking about it always produces a chuckle in me. Like all of us during our college days hari also had his own share of girl wooing episodes. But the problem with him was that he always approached it with a cave man mentality. And invariably girls fled from his presence. This particular episode happened towards the end of our college days. There was this girl in the 3 year course, don’t know her name, who hari was after. As usual this girl used to flee from the scene whenever hari was around. One day little inebriated, hari cornered her, and was serenading in his not so subtle ways, the girl got real angry and shouted at Hari “are you mad” and walked away. Hari crestfallen, on his way back met latheesh and recounted the incident to him. Augustine was sitting nearby and Latheesh called Augustine and said to him “some girl has insulted our dear hari by calling him a madman and we will have to give back to her for him”. Augustine got all worked up and both went in search of the girl. They met her near the library and latheesh pulling Augustine along went straight to her. Then latheesh asked the girl in all fury “ why you called hari a madman. It is not he who is mad”. The girl was standing with here eyes wide open fearing what is coming out next. Augustine was also standing next to latheesh hoping that latheesh is going to abuse her. Latheesh then slowly pointed his finger towards Augustine and calmly said “ It is not hari who is mad, it is this fellow who is mad”. The blood totally drained out of Augustine’s face and it was a scene everybody who witnessed it could not forget in their lifetime.

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