Wednesday, July 22, 2009



Shammi, he is a biological mystery in many ways. he is one animal who proved that Darwin’s theory of evolution is totally wrong. According to Darwin evolution is a slow process which takes centuries to show some discernible change. But our Shammi, he metamorphosed into a totally different being within a period of 5 years. Do anybody of you remember the original Shammi. That scrawny looking guy who marched around with blazing eyes spitting fire. Those slightly soiled dhothi, oversized kurta and that cloth bag hanging on him as if from a coat hanger. At first i thought he was a naxalite since i had not met anybody belonging to that species before. And what a change within a short time. He in equally horrible looking modern attire became the library man, not the reading one but the hanging around one with bismi evoking memories of laurel and hardy in you with poor niza fazil in tow. And when rumours started floating around that he is having a "line” with -------, i laughed it off finding it totally impossible. But our shorty like his more famous predecessor proved that nothing is impossible.

He was a man of two halves, the cheguevera first half and the sharuk khan 2nd half. In the end he got his kajol (remembering ------- it is literarily true).He was omnipresence in the hostel, always with a knowing smile, looking down on us little kids from his all knowing heights. Do you know he always slept with the light switched on, we can only sympathize with bismi now.

Do anybody know his true age, because back then he looked anywhere between 40 and 75.

Shammi, he had a beautiful voice, which gave us such wonderful moments. he had the humility to exercise his god given vocal cords, whenever we the lesser mortals demanded.

Therefore my friends let us raise a toast, for the health of our ageless

..................................the end......................................

i am sure shammi will not like this, but let us hope for the best.

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