Wednesday, July 22, 2009

From the master of words...Boby


Do anybody of you remember our dear ajmal. the childish grin showing the buck teeth and the pink gums. the slightly chink features and that eagle laugh. those shuffling walks across our hostel corridor carrying a red bucket on his way to the hell holes called the bathrooms.

How can you forget the mamu's chayakkada from which emanated non stop old hindi music scores. remember his out of the world ideas and his poor jokes. his inimitable dance steps(repeated stomping of his right foot on the ground, whatever the tune was) his hilarious attempt to court the junior girls, his malappuram slang, his kodungaloor songs. But i also remember a golden heart, his straight from the heart dialogues, his courage to hang on to his ksu moorings inspite of the pressure and taunts from his sfi friends. I also remember how i cried(really, i cried) when he lost to our undeserving moderator. when i think of him, i remember a great friend who was good to me.

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